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Mediator INFP-A / INFP-T


Emotions, Family, Friends, Goals

Sacred Oath

Its important to know who you are and I am trying to find out who I am

Main Quest

Bring peace to those in need

Core Values

acceptance, accomplishment, adaptability, adventure, animal rights, awareness, balance, bravery, challenge, comfort, concern for others, connection, courage, creativity, curiosity, determination, discovery, education, emotion, energy, enjoyment, enthusiasm, fairness, family, fearlessness, free will, freedom, friendship, generosity, goodness, growth, happiness, hard work, harmony, health, honesty, honor, hope, human rights, humor, intelligence, justice, kindness, knowledge, lawfulness, leadership, learning, liberty, logic, love, loyalty, meaning, optimism, passion, patience, peace, positivity, purpose, social justice, support, teamwork, trust, truth, unity, wisdom, wonder


Art, Baking, Breath Control, Brewing, Cooking, Crafting, Drawing, Engineering, Gardening, Jumping, Martial Arts, Painting, Photography, Sewing, Spell Crafting, Storytelling, Swimming, Writing


Astrology, Astronomy, Baking, Beekeeping, Bird Watching, Butterfly Watching, Camping, Cloud Watching, Coloring, Computer Programming, Cooking, Crafting, Crystals, Drawing, Gardening, Grimoire/Book of Shadows, Herbalism, Horseback Riding, Indoor Plants, Kayaking, Magical Herbs, Martial Arts, Painting, Photography, Reading, Roller Skating, Scrapbooking, Shadow Work, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Spell Casting, Storytelling, Weaving, Yarn Crafts


so many people My sister, my best friend (Leaflet) and more