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Personality Type

Commander ENTJ-A / ENTJ-T



Sacred Oath

I do what I do because I am here to create beautiful spaces.

Main Quest

I am in this world to gain and share wisdom


I live on a small 4 acre farm in rural North Texas.  My home is a 1900 farmhouse that I have been restoring/remodeling since 2018.

Core Values

accomplishment, beauty, peace, wealth, wisdom


Animal Husbandry, Baking, Carpentry, Dancing, Farming, Gardening, Herbalism, Landscaping, Meditation, Playing Instruments, Public Speaking, SCUBA Diving, Singing


Butterfly Watching, Crystals, Divination, Energy Work, Fermenting, Genealogy, Herbalism, Intuition, Light Work, Meditation, Reading, Traveling

  • The Aunts in Practical Magic
  • Bette Davis
  • Les Brown
  • Maternal Grandmother and Great-grandmother
  • The Vine Witch

Origin Story


Mom, Tutu, current partner, Sister, Dad, great-grandmother Snellings


My mother has always appeared to be rather manipulative

Tutu never seemed truly happy and died at 56.  I wonder how much of that was regret and how much was just the time she lived in.

My sister always seemed too concerned with what other people thought.  I never felt like she saw me, she just wanted me to behave.

Dad was just confused, I think he still is.

Luna Hall Snellings was a great spiritual teacher.  I wish I could have known her longer.

All of these people left me in one form or another.  Abandonment.


I learned to leave first.


Awareness of the trend lend me to study spirituality and become a coach so I could help others with awareness and enlightenment.


I was rather shy and submissive.  No one would call me that today, lol.

Ideal Character

BE - Values
  • Wise
  • Compassionate
  • enlightened
  • connected
BE - Inspiration

Madeline Hill – Herbalist

Diana Bishop – Discovery of Witches

Sheri Vasinda – my sister, every body likes her

BE - Identities




BE - Style

Bohemian farmer

DO - Accomplishments
  1. Original portion of farmhouse remodeled and stabalized
  2. Grange built
  3. Coaching clientele of 150 souls
  4. Farm production covering costs
DO - Resources
  1. become who I want to be
  2. strengthen connection to source
  3. build community
DO - Service
  • restore historic structures
  • remind people who they truly are
  • create beautiful spaces
  • teach others about plants
DO - Self Care
  • Meditation
  • time in nature
  • reading
  • singing
  • dancing
  • learn yoga
HAVE - Possessions

I am so happy and grateful now that I am enjoying optimum health.  I wake up every morning feeling rested, refreshed and energized.  My home is filled with healthy meal options, mostly plant based and bio-dynamically grown here on the farm.

Mike and I go biking or walking after dinner and enjoy watching the sunsets from a variety of place on the prairie.  Because of my daily yoga practice, I am more limber than I was in my twenties.

I enjoy traveling around the globe by myself or with other family members.  I have been to Spain and Japan with Italy next on the list.

My beautifully remodeled farmhouse has been on the cover of Southern Living and is so cozy and functional. I enjoy coffee and conversation on the front porch in the mornings and wine and wind-downs on the back deck in the evening.

I have a wonderful relationship with my partner.  We have learned to be open and vulnerable with each other and we each have our own creative endeavors to keep us in the Genius zone.

The farm is a fully functioning retreat center with food for body, mind, and soul.  The market gardens provide food for sale to the local community and the farmer’s market in the city.

My coaching business has served over 150 people and I currently have 48 regulars in my Life Mastery group.  Between the farm and coaching, we bring in over $25,000 per month which covers the staff and maintenance for the farm as well as a lovely chunk of change for my bank account.

I use my resources to sponsor spiritual quests and historic renovation projects around the world.