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Personality Type

Advocate INFJ-A / INFJ-T


Circumstances, Family, Friends, Goals

Sacred Oath

I like to help others

Main Quest

Guide my children and help others.


I live in the desert mountains at the continental divide.  I live in a 103 year old 2 story home that is all original construction including all wood floors and a 1/2 basement in a town with the population of about 15000 until tourist season. I now use my entire upstairs for my crafting and am getting ready to re-open my gallery and giftshop which I hope will be by the end of June and at which time I will be able to go back to the Department too. (I just had spinal surgery and am recovering. I have ben on medical leave since the end of October. I am a volunteer Firefighter. I can drive the engines, work the water pumps for the hoses and many other things.  Because of my spinal situation I cannot put the air packs on anymore so I cannot go into the fire but I am do my part in other ways.)

Core Values

acceptance, accountability, ambition, authenticity, challenge, charity, commitment, common sense, community, compassion, concern for others, cooperation, creativity, curiosity, dependability, determination, empathy, empowerment, enjoyment, ethics, fairness, family, flexibility, friendship, generosity, goodness, gratitude, happiness, hard work, harmony, honesty, honor, hope, imagination, inclusion, independence, individuality, integrity, intuition, kindness, lawfulness, learning, logic, love, loyalty, originality, passion, patience, peace, personal development, positivity, purpose, reliability, respect, responsibility, security, sensitivity, strength, support, teamwork, trust, truth, understanding, uniqueness, wisdom


Animal Husbandry, Baking, Balancing, Brewing, Carpentry, Collage, Cooking, Crafting, Dancing, Empathy, Farming, Fishing, Folklore, Gardening, Healing, Herbalism, Horse Riding, Landscaping, Meditation, Sewing, Spell Crafting, Teaching, Woodworking


Archery, Astronomy, Baking, Blessing, Board Games, Brewing Beer, Brewing Kombucha, Camping, Candle Making, Canning, Carpentry, Ceramics, Cloud Watching, Collecting, Coloring, Cooking, Crafting, Crystals, Dancing, Decorating, Energy Work, Fermenting, Gardening, Genealogy, Ghost Hunting, Grimoire/Book of Shadows, Herbalism, Horseback Riding, Indoor Plants, Intuition, Jewelry Making, Listening to Music, Magical Herbs, Meditation, Metal Detecting, Movies, Party Planning, Playing Music, Pottery, Rock Balancing, Rune Reading, Sewing, Soap Making, Spell Casting, Tarot Reading, Television, Volunteering, Wine Making, Yarn Crafts


My children, grandchildren, close circle of friends and those who want to help others and do their part to help make this world better.

Origin Story


My children, 8 of them, my grandchildren, 14 of them, number 15 on the way, my close circle of friends and those who have the same feelings I have for family, friends, earth and life itself.


The people not allowing and accepting me for who I am and what I am and what I believe in. They have made me a better person. I have learned from my mistakes in life and believe there is a reason for every happening no matter what it is, even if I never find out what that reason is and no matter how bad something is something positive is there. Conflicts get in the way when you dwell on what you should have or could have done during the course of life, your past.  I have let certain people and situations slow me down or stop me from being who I am of late but, now I am pushing forward and putting it/them behind me and becoming who I really am inside and out.


I chose to push forward and learn from what happened, good or bad, and have become a stronger person and extend my learnings to others to hopefully help and guide.  I am even stronger now because of Mumbles. I don’t feel alone anymore and the lessons are reiterating and reminding me of who I am and its okay to be me.


My out come has been a good strong family, friends and community relationships not to mention that feeling and knowledge of knowing I’m a good and good hearted person.  My family is becoming stronger and closer and I have found new friends that accept me for who I am.


In my younger years, I was not sure of who I was. Through many years of trials and tribulations I learned and grew, as we all do but, my outlook was always to find the positive in everything and grow from there but still be aware of the struggles and feelings and emotions of myself and others and never assume. Whereas, a lot of people can’t do that and life is so much harder for them which is sad.

Ideal Character

BE - Values

Honest, fair and understanding, helping, caring, giving, healing.  I can’t define myself in just 3 values.  I have many values.

BE - Inspiration

I don’t want to be like anyone else. I like who I am. We are all different and therefore deserve our own identities.  I do admire one of my sons.  He is a miracle child, an in-depth story which I will not go into at this point but, he has the strength, love, ambition, motivation, knowledge and will to be a great-hearted person to help others and in everything he does professionally and personally.  He is the “one” that helps me the most in who I am and accepts me and my identity and craft and has no judgement but wants to help me to continue to grow in all areas of myself.  All of my children and grandchildren and friends inspire me but he is my biggest inspiration.

BE - Identities

Parent, grandparent,  friend,  good and good hearted person, caring, helping, guiding, my work with herbs and oils for medicinal and daily uses.

BE - Style

Simple, loving, fair, understanding, honest, caring, helping

DO - Accomplishments

Help others

Learn more and grow

Increase income UP to at least poverty level. Just being honest.

Re-open my gallery and giftshop

DO - Resources

Let others know I am available for spiritual and wiccan help by word of mouth.

Continue to study, literature and experiences.

Explore ways to sell my products and services and start selling to help others.

DO - Service

Work with those in need in the wiccan world with tarot readings, life coaching, my products for personal life and wiccan. Educate those who are willing to learn about the wicca and healing with herbs and oils.

Continue as a volunteer Firefighter in my community.

DO - Self Care

First and foremost, take care of my physical and mental health  so I can…

Spend time with family and pets first then friends and community. Then, anyone who needs me. And, work with my products and continue learning to better my craft.

HAVE - Possessions

The continued love and support of family and friends, have helped many in my community both in the craft way and first responder ways, have a private piece of property away from neighbors so I can do private rituals for my self and others so we are all comfortable and a get away place to ground myself without interruptions.